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E. Texas resident narrowly escapes tree crashing into bedroom


Residents at a Cass County apartment complex say they are fortunate Tuesday that no one was seriously injured when a tree fell, damaging several apartments.

Cleanup work is now underway at the Hillside Apartment Complex.

"And all of a sudden the tree just give out and boom! That is all I heard," said Della Whytus.

She said around 6 p.m. Monday afternoon a large oak tree fell through the roof of her apartment into her bedroom.

"There is no way I could have survived because that was right in the middle of the bed where I was sitting," Whytus said.

The oak hit her bed just seconds after she had gotten up off of it. Whytus had minor injuries and was treated and released from an Atlanta, TX hospital.

"Some of the debris, when I was getting out of there it felled and hit me on the shoulder and then a big board hit me right there, you can see the big knot there where it knocked me unconscious for about a minute, then I shook it off and ran out," Whytus said.

The tree knocked a hole in two buildings and each of them has four apartments. Management of the complex said at least six apartments were damaged.

This morning a professional tree service was on hand to remove the oak.

"It was pretty much old and dying and the wind just caught it, caught the bad part of it and broke it off," said Robert Wardlaw of Premier Tree Service. "It is probably a 100-year-old oak."

Whytus and others living at Hillside said there were no storms in the area when the tree snapped in two.

"I jumped out of the way for the good help of the Lord saved my life," Whytus said, adding that she is also thankful that Hillside management has provided her with another place to live while the damage is being cleaned up.

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