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Friday's storm victims brace for more wild weather

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Home owners that were affected by Friday's storms are now bracing for more storms that could bring strong wind and heavy rain.

They're still cleaning up the damage left behind by a storm Friday. It was showing signs of trying to produce a tornado, but the damage was actually produced by straight-line winds of up to 70 mph.

"I could see that wind, and all of sudden here comes that tree just coming over, and I ducked back in the sliding glass door, and the next thing you know, boom! Down on the roof it came," said Art Hall.

It was this elm tree, that once stood over 40 feet tall that came crashing down, and it crushed everything in its path, Hall said.

"The patio cover that use to be there, and then the screened in porch, and part of the roof," he said, describing what the elm tree fell on.

As the threat for more wind and storms gets closer, Hall isn't taking any chances with other trees around his house.

"We're going to have to take it down, you know," he said. "I asked the guy, he said when they're split at the top like that, they probably aren't going to make it. It's already leaning this way to begin with, so you get another good wind, and crack!"

Hall said he also has put up tarps to protect his home from any further water damage that may come with the storms tonight.

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