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Your Week in Viral Videos: Homeless lottery 'winner' gets a house

The homeless who was surprised with a lottery win in March now has a home thanks to online donations. (Source: MagicofRahat/YouTube) The homeless who was surprised with a lottery win in March now has a home thanks to online donations. (Source: MagicofRahat/YouTube)

(RNN) – Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and the Internet has been all over it.

A few weeks ago, a video advertising the "World's Toughest Job" went viral (spoiler: It's a mother) and not too long after that another one popped up seeking to explain why mothers can't do stuff with their friends (spoiler: It's because they're mothers).

You're probably thinking that's a lot of good stuff for Mother's Day, and it really makes you want to call your mom, right? Well, you're a slacker.

Everybody knows the only way to show mom how you really feel is to fly halfway across the world to see her. At least that's what some students at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts think.

They created a nice, short, heart-warming video called Seeds. It's touching. It's also a commercial for Google Glass. Happy Mother's Day.

Because the lottery wasn't enough

In a March edition of Viral Videos, there was a one of a guy who decided to do something nice for a homeless man by setting up a $1,000 lottery win. That's pretty awesome. But you know what's even more awesome? $44,000.

So, a fund was set up for people who liked the video to donate to the homeless man. Thanks to those people, he's now just a man.

The video starts off good enough when the man, Eric, announces he has received a job from someone who saw the original video. So, they go out to celebrate his new employment. But there's a twist. They're actually heading to Eric's new house, which has been rented on his behalf for a year due to the online donations.

There's less crying this time, but there's no mistaking Eric's gratitude. The original video has 18 million views so far, but the new one is set to overtake it after getting half that in just three days.

Kids dream the darnedest things

Dreams are what happens when you have something to think about, but you don't have time to think about it. In them, pillows float, hotels have jail cells and giraffes come out of your closet and grab you.

A dream is a good way to fill up time at night when you can't do anything. It's also like sleepwalking, except you're awake and making stories with pictures. Boys' pictures are more violent than girls' pictures. Grown-ups, however, dream about the next day of the week or the next day of the month or the next day of the year, which somehow are not the same thing. Animals dream about eating.

Sadly, like most stuff on the Internet, it isn't what it seems to be. These cute little children are just shills for The Man, who is hawking a sleep study.

The Mets did something good for once

James Lozano had his legs amputated below the knee when he was 8 years old due to a birth defect, and as if life wasn't hard enough, he loves the New York Mets. The Mets can't repay that love by winning, so they invited him to take a tour of Citi Field and set up a surprise visit from the only Mets player worth getting a visit from – David Wright.

Lozano gets outfitted with Mets gear, takes some batting practice and goes for a spin around the bases, because the Mets will give anybody who's willing to try out a chance to play for them. They should probably sign him, because he put a ball in play and face-planted rounding third, so he'll fit right in.

The big surprise of the video, however, is Lozano ends up being the hero by encouraging a member of the Mets' ground crew whose son recently lost his legs in a car accident.

Animal of the Week

Ralphee is a kitten who was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, which throws her motor skills all out of whack. Generally speaking, it's not a big deal because cats typically adapt to the condition as they age.

But Ralphee isn't suffering alone. She has a dog named Max to keep her company and protect her, at least until Ralphee joins the felinid oligarchy and helps execute its plans for global domination.

Good boy, Max. You'll never see a cat do that for a dog. Just saying. (More animal videos below.)

More stuff for when you're bored

Cars and asphalt have a contract with each other. The cars agree to roll over the asphalt with smooth tires, and the asphalt agrees to not collapse into a bottomless pit. Well, there's a road in Russia that's on strike.

Last week, there were cute little hamsters eating tiny burritos. This week, the hamsters have demanded pizza.

Not to be outdone, rabbits are starting to look all cute and fuzzy while eating fruit. What we learned this week is that rabbits are healthier than hamsters. They are, after all, vegan.

And now it's time for the cats to come in and ruin everything. Ignore the French voiceover, because it's insignificant. This is some kind of TV show featuring a restaurant, and for once the b-roll is the most exciting thing in the clip. This video is great for humanity because it demonstrates that when the catriarchy rises up to oppress mankind we can overcome our be-whiskered overlords with the use of strategically placed glass doors. (Be sure to have the sound on.)

A soldier and the dog he served in combat with were reunited after the dog was retired. He decided to adopt the dog and was very excited to be taking Cila home. However, Cila was even happier. You'll never see a video like this with a cat. Just saying.

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