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Storms bring winds, high water to North Shreveport neighborhood


Storms brought hail, strong winds and flash flooding to Shreveport's North Highland area on Friday afternoon, bringing trees down on several homes and making some streets temporarily impassable.

A home on Neal Drive sustained significant damage. A tree fell on the home, destroying the back of the house. Homeowner Mason Askis was in the house at the time, but escaped injury. "I could hear trees fallin. That's how I knew to get out of the house, and get to a central location," Askis says.

Askis says he does feel lucky that he was not injured.

Fallen trees missed other homes, and many other yards are strewn with fallen branches.

Debris clogged drainage ditches in some spots, leaving water to back up on some streets, including Bobbit Place between Wesley Street and Booth Drive. One car stalled out in the high water on Booth Drive.

City crews came out and put up barricades and cleared the ditches so that the water could drain.

Residents say the neighborhood is known for having many older trees, and that storms like this will come through and cause this type of damage from time to time.

KSLA StormTracker Steve says the damage was mostly caused by straight line winds.

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