Ark-La-Tex man stars in History Channel show, hunts gators

Ark-La-Tex man stars in History Channel show, hunts gators

SABINE PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The newest star on the popular cable reality show "Swamp People" is from right here in the Ark-La-Tex.

"I've got five acres out here. Five acres of prime time country living," said Sabine Parish resident Roger Rivers.

The Rivers compound is just west of Zwolle.

"This right here is a soft shell turtle," points out Rivers, as he continued his tour of turtles, wild hogs and gator skins. The Rivers' live off of whatever Roger catches, including an endless sea of fish in nearby Toledo Bend.

But it's Rivers' skills at catching big gators that captured the attention of producers with the History Channel show "Swamp People."

"As soon as I tightened up and felt the weight of him, he went berserk, " remembers Rivers, as he began the story of his tussle with a 13-foot-long alligator a few years back.

The gator rammed the boat. Roger fell in the water, but managed to regain his composure and the dry land of his boat, and eventually captured the gator they weighed close to 1,300 pounds.

"It was an epic battle," he said.

Rivers currently stars in season 5 of "Swamp People" and expects to be invited back for season 6. Now he just waits until the start of alligator season, in September, to do what he loves the most - hunting for the next big gator.

"I can't wait," he said. "It keeps me up at night, thinking about it because I know what's in store."

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