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Drivers growing impatient waiting for GM ignition parts

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Some car owners are growing increasingly worried about driving their vehicles while waiting for new parts to come in, to fix a faulty ignition switch.

General Motors has recalled 2.6 million vehicles because of the deadly fault, which the automaker links to 13 fatalities.

GM said it will take six months to make and distribute all the parts for that recall. That's left millions of car owners waiting their turn in line at local GM dealerships.

Those faulty ignition switches can slip out of the "run" position into "accessory," shutting off engines and disabling power-assisted steering and air bags. The fixes can't come soon enough for car owners and their loved ones:

"'Cause we don't want to get that phone call in the middle of the night or even during the day saying, 'Hey, your loved one was in an accident,' you know," said Jeffery Smith of Sarepta, Louisiana.

Smith said his mother-in-law is getting impatient and worried while she waits for her local dealership to call her back and tell her the ignition switch parts for to her Pontiac G5 are in.

"Why can't we get it fixed," Smith said. "If she has a wreck and the air bag, 'cause the ignition switch ain't working right, don't go off, you know."

But with GM saying it will take six months to make and distribute all those parts for the recall, the waiting will continue. In the meantime, they're telling drivers the vehicles are safe to drive with only a single key on the key ring, and nothing else.

And GM has told dealers to offer concerned owners a loaner car while they wait for parts. The company has also posted information online. For more information on that website visit and click on "Links in the News."

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