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Shreveport developer displeased with planning commission's ruling, will appeal

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The battle over the completion of the Hwy. 3132 inner loop wages on after lawyers and citizens faced off before the Metropolitan Planning Commission Wednesday afternoon.

The argument centered on whether or not the developer, Larkin, would be allowed to expand a subdivision in an area where the loop may pass.

Some of the proposed routes for 3132 drive through the land he wants to build on.

His attorney said it isn't fair to say he has to wait to build because there is a possibility that the Loop could be built there.

But the Metropolitan Planning Commission disagreed - shooting down Larkin's application.

I spoke with Larkin after the decision was made.

"We're going to continue to make the same legal arguments that have prevailed in the courts, the district court, the court of appeals, the supreme court and the federal court," Larkin said, adding that he will appeal the decision to the city council...

Attorneys on the other side Wednesday said they will oppose Larkin's appeal.

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