Details in protective order foreshadow Salley murder-suicide

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Details of a protective order was filed against Michael Salley the week before police say he shot his estranged wife and then himself offer a chilling foreshadowing of the events that unfolded on Friday.

In the protection order, Gwen writes "Mike (my husband) was hiding in the spare bedroom. He stormed out of the bedroom holding a firearm. He stated that if it's over between us then he will make it over for sure. He told me that he was going to kill me, call 911 for their daughter, then kill himself."

Gwen's written testimony indicates she was being held against her will, and desperate for help for herself and her daughter, writing. "I was able to secretly text a friend for help. My friend called my dad, who then called police."

She also wrote "When Mike (my husband) saw the police arrive he came back into the house and reached for the gun. When he saw that it was no longer there he ran toward the bedroom to where the gun safe is. Realizing he didn't have enough time to open the gun safe he came back to the living room where the police detained him."

The order was issued immediately and was considered temporary relief for a few weeks. The order directed Michael to show the court why the temporary protective order shouldn't be made permanent on May 19th.

It was a phone call from a witness to Gwen Salley's abduction at gunpoint that prompted Caddo Sheriff's deputies to search for her car on Friday afternoon. That caller followed the victim's car from the daycare in Stonewall until deputies picked up the trail in Caddo Parish.

It ended tragically at a clearing of Johns Gin Road.

"When the deputies got out to announce themselves, that's when they heard the shots, there were three shots," said Cindy Chadwick with the Caddo Sheriff's Office. Both Michael and Gwen were found fatally shot inside Gwen Salley's Chevy Equinox.

Police say their 7-year-old daughter did not witness the abduction or the deadly violence that followed.

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