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Bruce Springsteen fans race to secure territory for Jazz Fest show


Hundreds of loyal Bruce Springsteen fans lined up outside the gates hours before Jazz Fest even opened.

"Had to wait until they opened the gates for everybody, and we were in the back and we had to run to the front of the line here," said fan Charles Oubre.

Bruce Springsteen fans created their own "Thunder Road" by stampeding to snag the best spots in front of the Acura Stage.

The creative services director for Jazz Fest's video production company, Ryan Chin, captured video of the crowd dashing in and past the Jazz Festival and Heritage sign as the gates swung open.

Those who showed up just minutes before the fairgrounds opened at 11:00 a.m. found themselves at the back of a long line of eager Springsteen fans wrapping around Gentilly Blvd.

Inside, fan Charles Colopy demonstrated how strategies for territory can be ruthless by reenacting how his wife threw herself on the ground until someone in their group of 100 people could bring a blanket.

"It's hard work. I'm only going to do it once cause if I do it one more time I won't be able to get back up," said Colopy.

Those in the very front row of chairs had reason to celebrate.

"This will be my 21st time seeing him," said Cara Oubre. "I just think he's great, puts on a great show, he's happy when he's up there - it makes you feel happy."

With a sea of firmly planted fold-out chairs in place, the Bruce pre-party commenced five hours before he took stage with the Bayou Soul music of Marc Broussard and loyal fans who *proved they were just "born to run."

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