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Waist Watchers: The 5-2 eating plan

The doctor behind a new diet claims you can lose weight while eating what you want for most of the week, but you have to make sacrifices for two days.

It's often referred to as the "five- two" eating pattern. The two limited-calorie days can be any days, and they don't have to be consecutive.

Diet author Dr. Michael Mosley says on those selected days women are restricted to 500 calories per day and men are restricted to 600 calories.

The theory behind the diet is that eating less twice a week will shock your system into losing weight and will allow your body to re-balance and burn stored fat.

To stay full the diet recommends eating lean, low fat meats and snacking only on small portions of fruit or vegetables.

One local registered dietician says it stands to reason that you will lose weight if you eliminate a good chunk of what you usually eat.

"So if this diet did restrict your intake, to save you 3,500 calories in a week, you could lose a pound in a week," said dietician Leigh Anne Burns.

With any diet, Burns says always check with your physician first. In this case, though she does not recommend this fasting plan for people with serious medical conditions.

"For patients with diabetes, where medication is prescribed based on their diet, this can interfere with the absorption of their medication," she said.

Her other concern is it will be hard for most people to maintain. She also recommends adding exercise to the routine - especially on the days when you're eating normally - to help keep the weight off.

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