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Who is a breast enlargement candidate?

Who is a breast enlargement candidate?

Most healthy women who simply desire to have larger breasts are candidates for breast implant surgery. In my experience this desire stems from the fact that they "never had normal size breast" or they "lost breast volume after pregnancy" or weight loss. Women decide to have breast enlargement surgery because of the difficulty of finding clothes that fit; they are embarrassed to wear bathing suits or abbreviated summer wear; they feel unbalanced in their body shape and appearance; they want to be restored to a previous bra size; they feel that that shape of the breast is abnormal.

It is very important to understand the reason you want to have larger breast. If you desire to have larger breasts because someone else, i.e. friend, boyfriend, husband or significant other has suggested it, then this is a very bad reason to subject yourself to surgery. I have seen, on occasion, breast implants outlast a relationship. If recent history has taught us anything, it has taught us unfortunately that commitments to relationships are flimsy in our modern era. Don't have a breast enlargement to save a relationship. It won't work. Spend the money on something you know will last.

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