How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

How is breast enlargement performed and is it safe?

Breast enlargement is a safe procedure. There are some problems that can occur but they are few in number and very infrequent. A consultation helps clarify the source of, likelihood and methods in order to avoid any potential problems.

The majority of the breast enlargement surgeries that I do involve placing the small incision on the breast near where the underwire of a bra will lie. I have used all the other incision and this incision has the greatest advantages with the least problems.

The implant is then placed underneath the muscle that rests below your breast. The incision is then closed. The operation is performed under anesthesia.

Remember that this surgery like any other surgery, it is a "calculated trauma" to your body. Presently, your breasts are very happy. They don't care if you having to shop in the petite section for blouses or the fact that you are wearing a push-up bra or your embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. In fact they like the push-up bra because they can breath and see better and they would prefer to get a sun tan on the beach anyway. Your breast initially will not appreciate your decision to have the surgery at all. Expect soreness, swelling and possibly bruising.