What Should I Expect From The Consultation?

During the consultation, my staff and I discuss what I call a "Breast Implant Matrix". The matrix is a teaching tool I designed that explains and illustrates, in detail, the individual and unique factors that "you bring to the table" as well as the factors affecting the ultimate appearance of the breast. Without such a detailed outline for discussion I feel that you would have less of a chance at getting a larger, "natural shaped" breast as well as having a satisfying experience.

There will be an examination to point the "positive" and "negative" features you "bring to the table". As one of many examples, many women desire to have a narrow cleavage. That is a natural desire, but it is not something that the surgeon or implant can be created. You either have the potential for a narrow cleavage or you don't. During the consultation I will show you your potential for gaining cleavage.

I want women, contemplating a breast enlargement procedure, to understand that it is not solely the size or shape of the implant that counts. Other important factors, such as the design of the surgery; your bodies response to surgery; the type, shape, composition and distribution of your breast prior to surgery; as well as what you do after the surgery, that factor greatly into the short and long term result of breast enlargement surgery. You will discover that you will be an active participant in getting and maintaining the best results.

I will also discuss with you women's health issue and your family history of breast cancer because this is a very crucial factor in women's lives. This issue is important to understand whether you decide on breast surgery or not.