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Security cameras help catch ArkLaTex crooks


A string of crimes in the ArkLaTex lately have been captured on camera, and a surveillance video boom continues to make it harder for criminals to get away with crimes.

Security cameras are now smaller, cheaper, and have better video quality. The evolution in technology means more businesses can afford to have a permanent extra set of eyes, which can turn into a handy resource for police to help nab suspects. 

Technical media specialist Marion Marks helps Caddo Crime Stoppers process surveillance video.

"When we put those videos on Crime Stoppers, inevitably, someone says, 'Oh that looks like..." and generally they are able to get enough information," said Marks.

"If you have an image and it is a person who can be identified, it certainly ties them to what happened in the video," said Marks and explains the videos can prove helpful not only to identifying suspects, but also prosecuting them in court.

"It's facts that are incontrovertible, if you have the audio and video and it hasn't been tampered with, it's possible to tamper," he said.

Businesses aren't the only ones recording your every move. About 10 Shreveport police officers who work the downtown night beat wear body cameras. 

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