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Jail inmates join in Plain Dealing tornado clean-up efforts


Recovery and clean-up efforts continued Tuesday in the community of Plain Dealing where an EF-2 tornado swept through, leaving a handful of homes almost completely demolished.

People have been swarming to the area to help since Monday morning's storm. Friends, and family members who have driven in from hundreds of miles away, have showered support.

There have also been some helpers on the scene dressed in black and white stripes.

"You never know, one day it might be our family or somebody else's family," said Joshua Byrd.

Byrd is one of dozens of Bossier Parish and Plain Dealing non-violent inmates who had their police cuffs taken off to offer a helping hand.

"The Lord blesses us for doing things like this," he said.

Brian Smith's home was damaged by the twister.

"They've been a great help," he said. "These guys have skills from where they've learned before and they've put it good use."

Plain Dealing Mayor Wiley Robinson said the help is tremendous.

"It's a monumental task, he said. "We obviously need them. I notice the smile on their faces and how willing they are to help."

Another neighbor, Brenda Smith, had her home pummeled by the tornado.

"Just everybody is pitching in," she said. "They've cleared out some of the trees that are blocking our well."

Inmate Dallas Broussard said it was good to get out of his cell and into the sunlight.

"Oh it feels great to come out here and get some fresh air," he said. "We all got smiles just to see the country really."

Meanwhile, Byrd recognized the privilege of helping the tornado victims. Some people have life and

"Some people are on lock down," he said. "Some people have life and some people can't do something like this so I'm thankful."

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