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NWS: Plain Dealing tornado an EF2, moved house


Crews spent the day Monday removing debris from the yards and even rooftops of homes on Buckshot Road near Plain Dealing Louisiana. That's where an EF2 tornado is believed to have touched down early Monday morning.

The damage was surveyed by the National Weather Service just before noon.

They say it took some very powerful winds to snap trees in half and send them through houses.

With just a preliminary visual assessment the surveyors categorized the tornado as an EF2, saying only winds about 100 miles an hour or greater would have been able to move a house off of it's foundation.

"This house shifted about two feet off the foundation, and it takes quite a bit of wind to get up under that house and lift it up off it's foundation, in fact the gentleman said the house actually shifted before the tree fell on the house," said Bill Parker with the national weather Service.

Luckily nobody was injured or killed.

SWEPCO was able to repair and replace power lines and utility poles on Buckshot Road.

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