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City takes action against Holy Cross neighborhood bar

Neighbors of the Mercedes Place bar in the Holy Cross neighborhood say it has become a nuisance, fueling trouble.

"Crowds of 20, 30, 40 people gather outside of the bar, blaring music and children are left unsupervised while their parents are inside drinking," said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

Mercedes Gibson is the bar owner. She said that isn't true.

"I tell them they can't stand out here," said Gibson. "Sometimes they don't listen and there's nothing I can do about that."

Last month, authorities shut the bar down when New Orleans police arrested the bar's manager. Gregory Gibson, who is also the owner's grandson, is accused of distributing heroin outside of the business.

Since then, the Alcohol and Tobacco Control Board decided to reinstate the owner's permit following a consent agreement.

"Whatever's pending for Gregory is pending, but there's nothing on Mercedes. The State of Louisiana dropped all charges against my mother," said Deborah Gibson.

The owner's daughter claims it's the blight in the neighborhood that fuels the drugs and violence. She believes the city should do something about it.

"Let's not point the finger at Mercedes. Neighbors need to take the blame and the city needs to take the blame," said Deborah Gibson.

The city tells FOX 8 News that based on recent incidents and alleged violations, it has filed suit against Mercedes Place. Now, the City's Alcohol Beverage Control Board will decide whether to revoke the bar's license.

That hearing is set for next month.

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