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KSLA News 12 Editorial: April 28th-Common Core

Four years ago, Governor Bobby Jindal supported Common Core. Now, he's considering an executive order to remove Louisiana from a national school testing program.

Jindal's about face is drawing criticism from those who support Common Core, including fellow republican Chas Roemer. Roemer thinks Jindal's new position is simply about politics and others have speculated that it's about national politics.

What's not up for debate is this. Louisiana's schools are near the bottom of the list in national rankings. So, this is not really about Common Core, it's about common sense. Our leaders need to be about the business of improving our schools and some form of standardized testing has to be a part of the improvement process.

Let me know what you think. I'm James Smith.

Viewer Comments:

Patricia Terry wrote: "The parents are finding out what is in Common Core and they don't like it. It's like Obamacare. 

This whole debate reminds me of the Bible story David and Goliath. The parents who are trying to be heard the little people are represented by David.

Big business like Bill Gates and Exxon Mobile as well as Louisiana business back Common Core.  Big money is behind it.  I call them Goliath.

The story goes David used a slingshot and one rock hit Goliath in the head and knocked him dead!  I believe Common Core will be defeated!

The solution to the education problem is to create a Commission to develop Louisiana Standards whereby parents will have a say as well as the legislature.  That is the solution to the problem. The legislature can make it happen!

My Granddaughter is an A+ student who is now barely making a B and C.  She is very upset over the Common Core she is suffering under!

Jindal needs to stand firm and insist on Louisiana standards to be developed and PARCC testing to be gone!  It's the people standing up against Common Core not politics as you claimed!

You need to talk to parents whose children and grandchildren are affected to get a more accurate assessment of the Common Core situation.

That is what I think of your Editorial!


Kasanda Howard wrote: "Dear Mr. Smith, you invited the public to email you with comments about your editorial on Common Core, so here goes:

You are so wrong on Common Core.  Pardon me, sir, but you simply do not know what you are talking about.  Common Core is a plan by Bill Gates and the Department of Education to control people, plain and simple.  They want to change minds.  If they can't change minds, then they at least want to control minds - because they know if you can change the mind of a child, you influence what that child believes when he grows up.  And they are wrapping this diabolical plan in the trappings of "uniform educational standards".  They are not teaching standards, they are teaching their radical ideas and rewriting textbooks to agree with their view of history. 

As a former resident in the New Orleans area before Katrina, I agree with you that educational results in Louisiana are abysmal.  This is not always the fault of the hardworking teachers, although some less than qualified teachers were hired because certified teachers were not available to the inner City wards of New Orleans.  Uncaring or uneducated parents bear a great deal of the blame.  And some qualified teachers refuse to teach in such dangerous locations as schools in New Orleans.  For far too long we have viewed teachers as babysitters instead of the respected professionals they are.

But Common Core is not the answer.  It is a Trojan Horse.  As the general manager of KSLA News, you should know this.  You should take the time to research what you support in your editorials, not just repeat what you have been told by proponents of this new idea.  Governor Jindal is right to question if Common Core is right for Louisiana, as many other governors have already done.  In fact, everywhere it has been tried it has caused problems.  However, many teachers are prohibited from talking about it and some have been fired if they do. Many other teachers have just "retired" rather than teach this garbage. You should ask why.  You should ask why the actual lesson plans of Common Core are not available to the public if this new standard is so universally accepted and supported.  The website is password protected.

Rather than surrendering control of our schools to the Department of Education in Washington, we need more local control.  Like local government being better able to answer local problems than the Federal government, the same is true for our schools.  We need great teachers, principals and administrators.  And we need parents to be able to partner with schools to ensure the students learn.  If they fail, the ballot box is the answer to change at the local level.  Textbooks are the 'uniform educational standard' and should be available to parents for review.  In years past, textbooks with errors have been corrected by caring parents taking their complaints to administrators and they have succeeded in replacing books that were not right.  Just because someone calls an idea a 'standard' does not make it one.

I respectfully suggest KSLA reconsider their support of Common Core."

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