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Saturday is the first and last day of Barksdale air show

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If you planned on heading out to Barksdale for the second day of the air show, you are out of luck. The base says they are canceling the events on Sunday because of the risk of severe weather. Saturday, thousands of people packed onto the base to see the show.

"They do flips turns they go really fast and it goes really slow," says SGT Johnathan Billie, F22 Team Crew Chief.

Many from the Air Force joined the crowd to watch the F22 take to the skies. This is the first time one has landed in Barksdale. "The F22 is what is called a 5th generation fighter aircraft which means it's brand new. It's the newest aircraft out right now in the fleet," says Billie. The F22 is very fast, it flies at twice the speed of sound and can also go as slow as 90 miles per hour.

"Just to see these turbines in plane and to see the amazing things they can do with changing the speeds and the torch that comes from the engines it's unbelievable," explains Jeffery Bone, who came to watch the show.

Another act had people looking up as the Thunderbirds took the skies in their famous tight formations. "It's just an amazing experience looking at all the planes flying by at these speeds, and the parachuters, I mean that seems so hard to do," says 14-year-old Brice Bass.

Visitors came from all over to watch the show. The air show was canceled altogether last year, because of budget cuts. This year is was cut in half because of severe weather. "It's been an awesome experience to be out here and enjoy all the different shows and all the different events and way to go Barksdale," Bone says. "Awesome job, were glad to have you back."

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