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Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy holders fear possible changes

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Many Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Louisiana policy holders are now getting letters in the mail warning them about a possible change in benefits that could leave them paying big time bucks for healthcare out of pocket.  

The possible changes stem from a disagreement between Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Louisiana and the Willis Knighton Physicians Network. The two sides have been trying to reach a financial agreement when it comes to payments for doctors in the Willis Knighton Physicians Network, but have not. And come May 15, there could be changes for thousands of Louisiana policy holders.

"Shocked, they are a large insurance provider. I would expect that a large hospital would be able to work at a deal with them," says Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurance holder Laura Singletary.

For the past 9 years, Singletary has had Blue Cross-Blue Shield as her insurance provider but all that could change if a deal with Willis Knighton Health System cannot be reached.

According to Blue Cross-Blue Cross Blue Shield, Willis Knighton plans to remove its network doctors from all Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Louisiana provider networks on May 15.

In statement on the Willis Knighton website, the hospital claims, "Blue Cross-Blue Shield is paying our network physicians significantly less than other major commercial payers are paying the same physicians."

Adding, "Negotiation requires a give-and-take approach. Blue Cross is not offering anything in return."

Starting on May 16, if you're a Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy holder, you may end up filing your own claim. You may have to pay your doctor directly, which could be more costly or you could just find a new doctor elsewhere.

Emily Kahler, a Blue Cross-Blue Shield policy holder, is also concerned.  "I'm still a little bit nervous because it's not official yet so hopefully they come to an agreement and I don't have to find all new doctors."

If a deal is not made and you do have to pay up front, then you will be reimbursed.  But, that depends on your medical plan.

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