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South Caddo residents will vote on funding for fire district 6


The future of the Caddo Fire District 6 is in the hands of voters come May 3.

The vote is for two propositions. The first one will ask voters to say "yes" to the continuance of taxes approved 10 years ago. Proposition two asks voters to support a $75 structure fee.

"It takes money just to put gas in a fire truck. So we need some funding just to provide service," said Damon Johnson, district 6 fire chief.

Many in Keithville are already planning on hitting the polls, afraid of what a town without a fire department would be like.

"Heck, I don't want anyone to get burnt up in a house because the fire department didn't respond," Clayton Flores, a Keithville resident, said.

The proposition is not for new taxes, but for a continuation of taxes already being paid.

"It funds the fire department as they know it today. It funds the personnel, the equipment, the utilities.It's out everyday expense running the fire department," Johnson said.

If fire district 6 closes its doors, response time for emergencies will go up.

"We're within 5 minutes of 90 percent of our district so if we don't have that fire department, we don't have that first response, we don't have fire coverage or EMS service," Johnson said.

Many residents of Keithville want to keep the first responders close to home.

"They're the only people that when something happens, they're the only people that's there, right then," Kenneth Barbo, another Keithville resident, said.

Jimmie Askew agrees.

"There may come a time when you really might need them," he said. "They saved someone in my family so it's worth it."

Without a fast response from a close-by rescue crew, lives could be endangered, Johnson said.

"The quicker we get help to you, the better off you're going to be," he said.

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