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ETX kids honored as hometown heroes after rescuing friend impaled by stick


Two East Texas kids were honored as hometown heroes, after their friend was impaled by a stick while playing in the backyard.

Six-year-old Darinn Baker was playing in the wooded backyard with his friends when the accident happened.

“We went out to go in the woods and then Darinn was holding on to two branches,” recalled seven-year-old Layden Hartman. “Then he slipped and the stick jabbed him in the back. Whenever we tried picking him up, it got deeper and deeper and then it broke.”

“The three of them came running to the house saying Darinn's got meat hanging out of his back, so honestly I just flipped and checked it out and we had to call the ambulance,” said Darinn’s mom Debra Baker.

Darinn was then rushed to the hospital, then eventually airlifted to Dallas.

“When we got airlifted, we knew it was severe,” said Darinn’s dad Rocky Baker.

“[Surgery] was supposed to be only 35 minutes to an hour, and it was three and a half hours, so it was scary waiting on him to come out,” said Darinn’s mom.

After three days in the Dallas hospital, the hole in Darinn’s back was all stitched up.

“It was pretty scary cause he's never had a wound that dad couldn't super glue,” said his mom.

Back at home on Friday, seven-year-old Layden Hartman and eight-year-old Rianna Baker were thrown a surprise awards ceremony by local police in front of all of their classmates at Hawkins Elementary.

“They called me and Rianna up to the front stage and gave us these pictures and a box of candies and animals,” said Hartman.

“I was surprised, but it was a little embarrassing,” said Darinn’s big sister Rianna, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

“We are really, really proud to have such quick thinkers and big helpers,” said Debra Baker. “They saved the day.”

The family said they usually let the kids play in the backyard to keep them out of the street, but for now, the kids aren’t allowed back near the wooded area until some of the fallen trees can be cleaned up.

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