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Celebration of Caring, honoring Maggie Lee Henson


Members of the Shreveport-Bossier community honored a little girl on Saturday by doing what she would have wanted: helping others.

In July of 2009 an Ark-La-Tex girl lost her life in a bus accident. 12-year-old Maggie Lee Henson was among a group of people from First Baptist Church in Shreveport headed for camp. Even on the day she died, Maggie along with 22 other children from First Baptist Church were headed to help others in need.

"As a parent who loses a child, you're not afraid of their name being mentioned, you're afraid of them being forgotten," Maggie's mother, Jinny Henson, says.

Maggie's grandmother comes to most events honoring her granddaughter, traveling all the way from Houston. "When I see these signs and see these people doing great things in her name, which I know she is smiling on, because that's what she was all about and it just makes me very proud."

Every year, the Shreveport-Bossier community holds this day of caring to remind people how important it is to follow Maggie Lee's example. "God has really taken our worst case scenario and just helped other people and because she was a caring person, people really took up her cause, and since she isn't here to do good deeds, really stepped in with Maggie Lee for Good Day in October and began doing good deeds in her name," Jinny Henson says.

This day of caring was planned in honor of Maggie Lee Henson by Community Renewal and Red Ball Oxygen. "We have all kinds of stuff out here today, we have hot dogs, and we have balloon twisters, bounce houses, dogs up for adoption, ice-cream, cotton candy, pageant queens, a band, Willie Jones, the whole 9 yards," says Krysta Cyr, with Red Ball Oxygen.

"I just can't tell you what it means that her name is associated with a beautiful day like today, it's just phenomenal," says Henson.

Organizers say the event not only celebrates Maggie Lee's life, but also the good things happening throughout the community.

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