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Easter: Crawfish craze in Bayou State means high price, low supply


It's not all about the candy and plastic eggs this weekend, thousands will be chowing down on mud bugs.

And their concern isn't the price, it's the demand.

"We've got a cold snap the past few days that will probably going to be effecting us a little bit, supply drop, eventually we will sell out even though we are taking orders and booking heavy right now" Robert Shaver, with Shaver's Catering, said.

Easter in Louisiana is a crawfish craze.

Local sellers say they usually triple their sales this weekend.

"Probably guestimate we'd sell about 3,000 pounds" Michael Sikarng, with Crawfish Tyme, said.

It's a busy time of the year.

"Largest live weekend of the year," Shaver said. "We have weekends where we sell more cooked crawfish, but nothing beats this weekend for live crawfish."

Order slips in Crawfish Tyme show some of the biggest crawfish orders are ringing up to nearly $500.

"This is probably our busiest weekend throughout the whole year," Sikarng said.

Holiday weekends mean family get togethers in the bayou state.

"We always have a family crawfish boil on Good Friday," Marvin Brusheaux said as he loaded up 20 pounds of crawfish.

A few months ago crawfish prices were very high but thanks to warmer weather recently, mud bugs are about the same price as they were last Easter weekend.

"Easter week is a week where crawfish prices are always going to jump a little bit because demand is so high," Shaver said.

The crawfish experts said just about every Easter, supply just can't keep up with demand.

"We sold everything we could find last year at Easter" Shaver said.

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