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Father accused of threats says school didn't stop bullying


A Cheatham County father says he had to take matters into his own hands when his daughter was constantly bullied. He's now facing charges for making threats but says stepping in was worth it.

The dad says officials at Cheatham County Middle School didn't do enough to combat three bullies who went after his child.

"She was so scared and hurt she couldn't even talk," the father said.

His daughter came home from school Thursday afternoon in tears.

"She was bawling. Her face was real red," he said.

The father says three girls poked his daughter in the head on the playground and then again on the bus.

They made fun of the teen, saying she had lice.

"The more I looked at her, the more madder I got," her father said.

He was so mad, in fact, the dad called the school repeatedly. And, according to investigators, he made serious threats.

"He told that employee that, 'I'm coming to the school. When I get there, I hope y'all have enough ambulances,'" said Cheatham County Sheriff's Investigator Dale Smith. "They all interpreted it as he was going to come there and cause harm to people at the school."

Authorities placed the school on lockdown in the middle of a science fair, then charged the dad under a new law. Just last year, Tennessee lawmakers stiffened the punishments for those who threaten school staffers.

"It's an extreme disruption not only to the school and the events they're having, but also, you're taking resources from law enforcement for a threat that's just somebody who's upset. But, of course, in today's day and time with all the school stabbings and shootings and everything else, these are serious threats," Smith said.

The dad denies making any threats and says he was simply fed up. He and his wife have called complaining about bullying before.

"When I called the first time, they should have taken it seriously. They didn't," the father said.

The father says he would do anything to protect his child, even go to jail.

"If that's what it takes, that's where I'm going," he said.

Investigators aren't backing down either.

Deputies say the bullying part of this investigation is out of their hands. School officials and the school resource officer will handle that.

Channel 4 News reached out to those officials Friday, but because it's a holiday, we have yet to hear back.

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