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Shreveport teenager shaken up after being harassed by stranger, invited into car for sex


A Shreveport mom is shaken after her 15-year-old teenager son's regular walk home from the library took a turn after a stranger allegedly tries to lure him into his car.

That teen doesn't want to be identified for fear of his safety, but explained that when he noticed a gray 4-door car following him, he knew something was wrong. He believes the driver of the car was in the library with him and followed him out. "I get halfway up the street and he decides to get in front of me and stop,"  said the teenager.

The teenager claims that's when a man looking to be in his 40's began harassing him, trying to lure him into his car for sexual favors. "He asked me questions, if I ever gave a service to a boy and I said ‘no,' he asked me if he could give me a service, and I said ‘no,' " he said.

The young man, terrified, tried to get away from him but it wasn't that easy. "He U-turned and came up on the side of me. I kept walking, he was like ‘come on,' I said ‘no,' he said ‘come on,' I said get out of my face," he said.

The boy called 9-1-1 and the police told him to get to a safe place full of people, he went to a nearby gas station where his mother Eve Miller met him. "I was scared, couldn't think straight," said Miller.

Miller says a lot of kids walk the same route to the library and is worried the man is still out there. "I won't be letting him walk anymore like that," said Miller and hopes police are able to track the alleged child culprit down.

"What he did, he scared my child and scared me. But it made me angry at the same time and I hope they catch him," she said.

Police say this teenager did the right thing when he called 9-1-1 immediately. They say investigators will be following up with the family soon.

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