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Explosives investigation bill could become Louisiana law this month

Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Bossier City Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Bossier City

A proposed law aimed at fixing a problem an explosives company is blamed for creating is making its way through the legislature in Baton Rouge.

Explo, a munitions company located on the grounds of Camp Minden, was investigated back in 2012 after Louisiana State Police said the company put the community in harm's way with the improper storage of millions of pounds of M6 propellant.

"Because the dangers posed by situations like this that may exist similar to this across the state of Louisiana don't need to be delayed by politics," said Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Bossier City, the author of HB 337.

Thompson proposed HB 337 in order to give state police more authority while inspecting sites like the one at Camp Minden. 

The discovery of the improperly stored propellant led to an evacuation of the Town of Doyline, a lawsuit, a criminal investigation and several arrests.

Thompson has been working with fellow lawmakers to make changes to the law, he said to protect the state from similar dangerous conditions across the state.

"And I give credit to all the colleagues in both the House and the Senate for recognizing we had a problem, we had a situation where this condition was allowed to exist and as I promised I was going to do something about that," Thompson said.

The bill has made it through the House and will be considered by the Senate in the coming days, and Thompson fully expects Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) to sign it, making it effective as soon as it reaches his desk.

If the bill makes it through the Senate, it could be ready for Jindal by next week

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