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Bowie County leaders say financial woes make loan necessary

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The fiscal year for Bowie County, TX ends in September, but some county officials say if something is not done by June, they may not make it that far.

Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy said the county is not broke, but says there are some money problems.

"I have calculated around one-and-a-half million we may have to borrow," he said. 

However, Monday morning at the Bowie County Commissioner's Court, auditor William Tye said the county needs to borrow a whole lot more. He said $4- to $5 million would be needed to make it through the current fiscal year.

By a 3-2 vote, the commissioners approved that request.

"We have reached a crisis and I don't think we should keep kicking the can down the road," said resident Claudia Bright. "I think there should be more things happen than borrowing money. There should be some salary cuts, four-day work week or something."

Tom Whitten and Sammy Stone, two of the commissioners who voted to seek the loan, declined to comment on the matter. Lacy and Pat McCoy voted against the measure.

So far, each county office has made adjustments to get through the apparent financial shortfall, although no jobs have been cut. 

"We are going to have to borrow some money to help us get through and we also are going to have to make budget cuts somewhere along the line," Tye said. "But my suggestion would be to make the budget cuts next year when we are actually doing the budget."

If the county secures the loan, it will be paid back with funds from next year's tax revenues.

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