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Domestic Violence survivor needs life-saving surgery


Almost two years after a near fatal attack, Jolet Frazier's family is drumming up community support to raise money for a life-saving surgery.

Frazier was reportedly shot in the stomach by her ex-boyfriend Elijah Haggerty on August 8th, 2012. Haggerty, reportedly showed up to her front door and forced his way inside. Allegedly he shot Frazier with a shotgun, and then was later shot and killed by police.

"I'm just hanging on with what I got," says Frazier.

Frazier has lived her life since the attack with only 8 inches of intestines, and without a way to digest her food she needs an intestinal transplant to stay alive.

Even though insurance has covered previous procedures, this life-saving surgery is not covered by her insurance.

"We have to break the silence of domestic violence," says Caddo Commissioner Michael Williams.

Williams is working with the family to gain support for Frazier.

The Intestinal Transplant can't be done locally. Frazier will need to fly to Nebraska to have it done, and after the surgery Frazier could live long term.

To donate to help Jolet Frazier you can make donations to the Jolet Frazier Benefit through the Willis Knighton Federal Credit Union.

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