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Woman's body found in carport shocks neighbors


"I've never heard of anything like that around here," said Thomas Divinny, a resident of Valley View Drive in Shreveport.

That's where police discovered the body of 41-year-old Karen Johnson. She was lying in the carport of a home shot once in the upper body.

Witnesses told police they heard a woman screaming and at least one gunshot coming from the 3600 block of Redbud Lane in West Shreveport.

When police arrived on Redbud, their investigation took them one block over to the 3500 block of Valley View Drive.

Then police took another trip to make an arrest in the 600 block of Damaka Drive. Police received a tip that named 41-year-old Anton Cooley as their main suspect. He's charged with second degree murder.

Police believe this murder stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Residents in the area say it's a quiet neighborhood and they've never seen such violence play out on their streets.

"Well it bothers me to see anybody get hurt, I don't like that at all," Divinny said.

He has lived in the neighborhood for 50 years and speaks highly of his neighbors.

"Most of them are real quiet, they're family people, they don't bother anybody, they have a little party once in a while, but other than that, that's it," Divinny said.

This is the seventh homicide in Shreveport this year.

Shreveport investigators said Cooley has a history of violence, and has been arrested for domestic abuse.

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