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Forty pounds of limes jump $100

Forty pounds of limes jump $100

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Limes held up by cartel. Source: Jamey Boyum Limes held up by cartel. Source: Jamey Boyum

If you enjoy enhancing your food with the citrus-y taste of lime, you may now pay a lot more for it.

There is a lime shortage at hand, and you can tell by a visit to the grocery store where one lime has jumped from 37 cents to 56 cents nationwide.

We spoke with some folks who have to buy limes by the box.

Casey Hawthorne, director of operations for Rusty Tacos in East Texas agrees.

“There’s a little problem with the limes,” I observed.

“Yes. There’s actually a big problem with the limes. Limes have skyrocketed in price over the last couple of weeks. We’re now paying $117 for a 40 pound box, where it used to be we were paying $18 for a 40 pound box,” Hawthorne said.

Rusty Taco has been forced to establish a lime rule.

“We’re known, at Rusty Taco for giving limes with a taco, but now we’re going to have to do it by request only just because they’re so hard to get a hold of,” Hawthorne stated.

But why? Well, it turns out some bad weather wiped out a lot of blossoms in Mexico, which is where we get a lot of our limes, and the limes have been hit by a bacterial disease known as Huanglongbing, or citrus greening disease.

There is a third reason: Mexican cartels that just happen to operate in the area where the limes grow are disrupting things.

So, back here at Rusty Taco you have to ask for a slice of lime because, “It’s hard to get them, period,” Hawthorne reiterated.

Blake and Casey Warren were unaware of the dilemma, but suddenly craved the flavor of lime.

“I’m definitely going to have to try out some limes. It sounds good,” Blake said.

“Are you going to savor the lime?” I asked Casey Warren.

“Most definitely. From now on,” Casey stated.

Limes have grown so expensive that United Airlines has stopped serving them with drinks, instead offering lemons.

So when the flight attendant gives you lemons, all you can do is make lemonade because of what some are calling "Limepocalypse."

The price of limes hasn’t been this high for three years, and the drought in California isn’t helping. However, so far the price of lime juice has not spiked.

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