Bossier sheriff honors two men for bravery, life-saving acts

Bossier sheriff honors two men for bravery, life-saving acts

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Two heroes were honored Tuesday for their bravery and the life-saving measures they took in crisis situations.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington presented an award to Robert Berry, executive director of Cypress Black Bayou. Berry saved a man's life during an electrical accident Feb 6 at the park.

Berry's story involves two contractors working on a ground-level transformer. The men were gripped by electrical current flowing from a live power line through their bodies when Berry found them.

The director used his shoulder to shove the two men away from the line, injuring himself in the process. One man died in the incident, but another survived because of Berry's efforts. "I didn't do anything that I think anyone would've done. I dove in, knowing I couldn't grab them, I dove in and knocked them loose. I tried to save both of them," said Berry.

Whittington also recognized Bossier Deputy Darryl Ware, who rescued a man from the Reserve Apartments during a fire Jan. 25. He said that the man Ware saved would've been trapped inside the building if it weren't for Ware's quick thinking and actions. "I was the first on the scene, and I really don't feel like I did anything that anyone else would've done," said Ware.

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