Family First: Rare diagnosis could cause infant loss

Family First: Rare diagnosis can lead to infant loss
Kirstin Sorrentino lost her child after only 19 weeks of pregnancy
Kirstin Sorrentino lost her child after only 19 weeks of pregnancy

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A rare diagnosis in women could lead to the early birth or loss of an infant. Cervical incompetence can happen during pregnancy as the baby grows and gets heavier and presses on the cervix. The pressure may cause the cervix to start to open before the baby is ready to be born.

Kirsten Sorentino was diagnosed at just 19 weeks of pregnancy. She was admitted to the hospital after she experienced abnormal leaking.

"I called my doctor and they told me you need to be on bed rest when you get home from work," says Sorrentino. After being checked into the hospital, she was told she had no cervix. "You will not leave here with your daughter, you will not make it past the weekend."

At just 19 weeks, her baby girl Brinkley Kate was stillborn.

Dr. Elizabeth LeRoy of Willis Knighton South Hospital says there are basically no symptoms or warning signs of cervical insufficiency. The actual rate of the diagnosis is pretty low but, there are known risk factors that can cause the diagnosis.

"Previous cervical trauma, previous surgeries to the cervix, uterine malformations," says LeRoy.

She says being open and honest with your doctor if you've had these things done is the best policy when it comes to your pregnancy. As for mothers who want to attempt pregnancy again, there's still hope with the help of a procedure that can keep the cervix closed called a "Circlage."

In the future, Kirsten says she and her boyfriend will attempt to have another baby. For now, they hope to bring awareness to Brinkley's death..

"I don't want my pain and me losing my daughter to go in vain, she had a purpose."

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