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Shreveport man says SWEPCO truck damaged lawn

Jim Steward said a SWEPCO truck left these deep ruts in his lawn. Jim Steward said a SWEPCO truck left these deep ruts in his lawn.

A Shreveport man said a SWEPCO truck driver ripped up his lawn, leaving gouges and muddy tracks on his mission to read his electricity meter.

Jim Steward said big, dark ruts were left in his yard at a mobile home park after the visit.

"The driver, instead of getting out of the vehicle to read the meters, he just decided to pull down into the grass area where he could sit in his truck and read the meters," Steward, who is the property manager, said.

"When he tried to leave, he found out the ground was soft and his tires started spinning," Steward said. "Instead of getting out and trying to get some help, he just put it in forward gear and spun around in the grass and tore up the lawn out here."

According to SWEPCO, in most cases, they will pick up the tab.

"Our claims investigators will take the information," said Kacee Kirschvink, a SWEPCO spokesman. "Usually if we are found to have damaged someone's yard we fix it, it's not a problem."

Steward said he did call SWEPCO and report the damage. His claim is still pending but is in line to be investigated.

"If he'll just let the system work, he'll probably find that it works out to his advantage," Kirschvink said. "But we are also very busy, we are in storm mode, we had storms earlier this week."

SWEPCO has about 5.3 million customers. They have a 5-day deadline to get in contact with claimants. In Steward's case, that means SWEPCO has until Tuesday to get in touch.

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