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Bossier City Council considers dropping business sewer rates


The Bossier City Council is considering lowering commercial sewer rates later this year.

On Tuesday night, they had the first reading of a motion to decrease bills, which doubled after a rate hike that went into effect Jan. 1.

The move comes as Bossier City business leaders say their rate increase is unfairly high compared to the increase in residential rates. They took their concerns to Councilman-at-Large David Montgomery.

"They pointed out that their flat rate fee had gone from $40 to $80," he said. "When you add that up that's close to $500.00 a year." 

Montgomery asked the city council on Tuesday to lower that rate down to $60 a month. The council voted the proposal through its first needs a final vote to make the move official.

Montgomery said doing this will make the rates more in line with residential bills, which increased from $15 a month to $30 a month in January.

Business sewer bills will still be 33 percent more than homeowners' bills, but Montgomery said the new rates will be more fair. 

The changes won't be official until the next city council meeting, on April 15. If passed, the change would go into effect May 1, but business owners won't see the changes until their June 1 bill.

City leaders said the money will pay for repairs to city sewer lines and lift stations. January's rate hike was the second sewer increase for city businesses and residents in three years.

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