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KSLA News 12 Editorial: April 1st-Speed Traps

We all know places that are notorious for speed traps. There's one on I-49 near the small town of Washington. The local police love to work that small section of interstate.

And that's the problem. Many small towns use speed traps as a form of revenue. Lawmakers say they target out-of-towners and let locals off with a warning. Representative Steve Pylant of Winnsboro says revenue based law enforcement is the wrong way to go.

So, there ought to be a law. To that end, a bill is headed to lawmakers that would require towns that earn over half of their revenue from traffic tickets to post a warning sign that says speed trap. The Louisiana House Transportation Committee approved the measure.

It may or may not make it into law, but at the very least, it puts these speed trap towns on notice.

I'm James Smith.

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