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Shreveport residents sought for roles in camping movie

Campin' Buddies (Source: IMDb) Campin' Buddies (Source: IMDb)

Shreveport will be the backdrop of a new film about camping, and the production team is looking for some locals to cast.

"Campin' Buddies," is a comedy about friends who hit the great outdoors and find out they're not very good at it. One character, trying to raise money for her record, scams two men who are also facing various obstacles on their camping trip. They also encounter the "shimmy shams," a disease that makes victims shake uncontrollably. 

"The have lots of problems and no clue what they're doing," said writer and director Tom Logan.

Logan, a Shreveport native, is coming home to set his latest effort, which stars Victoria Jackson, Tom Lester, Don Most and Mel Tillis. It is expected to release in July.

"It's my first time coming back to Shreveport shooting something so I'm really excited about it," Logan said. "It's kind of a dream come true for me because I still have my family back there. They've never been on a set, never been on one of my sets either."

Campfire Productions LLC is coming to the Port City to start filming the movie May 12. Producers are looking for Shreveport residents to be part of the cast.

Specifically, the filmmakers need a husky Caucasian boy, another young boy, three more boys or girls ages 10 to 16, townspeople, and three "tough" men ages 18-40.

The roles are diverse and include characters with a "country" look, long beards, thuggish look, and people with other unique looks.There is one principal actor needed, and the others are background extras.

"I like the South, I'm from the South," Logan said. "People are friendly in the South."

The film will be recorded at various, not yet public, locations in the Shreveport area.

If you're interested, email with a head shot photo, age, height, weight and contact information. You can also apply online.

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