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Prayer vigil for Byrd High School student hit by car

Divorious Magee, 16 (Source: Byrd High School yearbook) Divorious Magee, 16 (Source: Byrd High School yearbook)

Students at Byrd High School plan to meet in the school's gym before class to remember their friend and classmate who was hit by a car while riding his bike over the weekend.

Friends, classmates and students are expected to meet for a prayer circle. Friends and classmates are encouraging other students at the school to wear black today.

Divorious Magee, 16, was riding his bike Friday afternoon and didn't stop at a stop sign at an intersection. That's when he was hit by a car.

It was learned Saturday afternoon that Magee had died from his injuries.

Byrd High School students will return to school today with one less classmate. Many students tell KSLA News 12 that Magee will be missed greatly.

"I can't imagine him not sitting next to me in class each day," classmate Yasmine Whitehurst said.

"Me and my friends, we still can't believe that he's gone," classmate Jake Morton said. "I think our whole junior class it's going to be hard for us the first few weeks here back at school because it's just gonna... the day's going to feel empty without him being there with us."

Whitehurst said Magee was funny and a friend to everyone.

"He would just always keep us happy, like smiling. He just kept a good spirit around," she said.

Although many students and classmates of Magee will heal differently from the loss, for Morton he doesn't want to move on.

"I just want to remember him for the good guy that he was. And I hope that everybody else does," he said.

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