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Your Week in Viral Videos: Don't emulate any of these behaviors

A baby hippopotamus was born in Mexico City for the first time in 16 years. (Source: uzoouk/YouTube) A baby hippopotamus was born in Mexico City for the first time in 16 years. (Source: uzoouk/YouTube)

(RNN) – Receiving the gift of human life is a glorious occasion – unless you have two sisters and are about to get another one.

Gender reveals have become A ThingTM lately, and everybody has their own little way of doing it. Some people are old fashioned and wait until the kid pops out. Some people post it on Facebook and **AHEM** circle things on ultrasound pictures. Other people bake a colored cake and have their existing children cut into it to reveal the new baby's identity.

It's best to film things like that because you never know when your son, who already has two sisters, will have a colossal meltdown when he learns he's getting another.

Everything about this video is great. The boy is obviously the star, but don't count out the roles his sisters play. While he's truly devastated over having yet another female invade his castle (dad shares his concern for the rising tide of estrogen about to consume them, but handles it much better), their complete indifference to his feelings are perfect.

The youngest daughter's contributions to this video are sadly overshadowed by her brother. Her table climbing, prediction that it will be "a baby" and "goodbye, camera" are adorable. But, you still have to feel the little dude's pain. He's vastly outnumbered. (The best moment comes at the 1:10 mark.)

B is for Building

Three things in life are absolute certainties: death, taxes and the construction of a skyscraper will entice stupid people to jump off of it.

One World Trade Center, also known as Freedom Tower, was recently installed as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, which means it provides the longest free fall of any structure in the Western Hemisphere, which means it's a place idiots who are inclined to jump off random things want to jump from, which means it has the potential for being at the center of a truly awesome video filmed by morons.

It's hard to determine what the best part of this video is. The sheer ridiculousness of the height they're jumping from is vertigo-inducing, but the landing in the middle of a deserted New York City street is haunting (what was going through the guy in the car's mind when a BASE jumper came out of nowhere and landed in front of him?).

This video was shot in September 2013, but wasn't uploaded to YouTube until this week when the video become public after being discovered by police. In order to complete the jump, these guys claimed to have walked up the stairs from the ground floor. One World Trade Center needs better security.

Good kid, bad words

Apparently, a bad word is basically anything with "butt" in front of it. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Butt-teeth are the things your nightmares are made of, but what are butt-ears? Are they ears on a butt or butts where ears would be? Ears that look like butts? Ears with little butts on them? Either way, that's only slightly less terrifying than a butt-nose.

Maybe this kid's imagination is a little too active. Or maybe he ran out of other words to use after saying "butt." (WARNING: This video of a child saying bad words contains a child saying bad words.)

Always allow a two-second gap

Here's some advice for humanity: Don't do anything – literally anything – contained in the following video.

Don't tailgate people who are driving slower than you think they should, don't flip off another driver for any reason whatsoever, don't try to pull in front of another car just to make a point, don't crash your vehicle into the median, don't laugh at another driver who got into a wreck, don't get all high and mighty about karma when you recorded a guy wrecking his truck and then laughed about it and don't film anything while driving.

Oh, and don't film a video vertically. That's truly the worst offense of all.

Animal of the week

A baby hippopotamus was recently born in Mexico City, and it's as cute as anything as ugly as a hippopotamus can be. (The ear waggle at the 28-second mark is the biggest selling point.)

They won't know what its gender is for about another year, and it doesn't have a name. The public is going to help pick out its name and of the three choices whose meanings weren't given, Igoli seems like the best.

More stuff for when you're bored

Major League Baseball's opening day is Monday and it won't be a national holiday, unless Congress acts with unprecedented speed. However, it will still feature national treasure Vin Scully, who is deterred by nothing – not even an earthquake in the middle of his play-by-play. For Scully, it's just an opportunity for story time.

With baseball starting and March Madness ending, it only makes sense to combine the two. Minnesota Twins pitcher and Wichita State alum Mike Pelfrey was asked to give the Shockers a pep talk. It was terrible, and the Shockers lost. But, luckily for Pelfrey, it was just his teammates having a little fun at his expense.

Here's a little more baseball for you, courtesy of four guys, an exploding birthday cake, a shattering mirror and a creative camera angle.

Sometimes dogs find themselves in unfortunate situations. And sometimes humans get dogs out of those situations. When that happens, the dogs are usually very happy.

The Star Wars theme is one of the best movie themes ever composed, and a massive pipe organ is one of the best sounding instruments ever invented. When you put those two together, it is mesmerizing. This video is almost a year old, but it just recently gained some steam and it's hard to imagine why it hasn't gone viral.

And just because, here's an older video of the same organ, which is located outside of Chicago and is the largest in the world, being used to play a Star Wars/Indiana Jones medley. It also, inexplicably, has not gone viral.

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