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Fire crews prepare for intense rescues

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Video of a high risk ladder rescue on Tuesday in Houston has spread across the internet, and it is also creating a buzz right here in Shreveport with the Fire Department. Shreveport's Fire Fighter's say they train annually for intense rescues.

"You can only imagine what he is dealing with heat, fear, anxiety," says Chief Louis Johnson as he watches the video of Tuesday's rescue.

In the video you can see a construction worker standing on the 5th floor of balcony as the building burns around him. After jumping to the balcony below him, he is rescued with the use of a ladder truck by fire fighters.

"It's intimidating but you know you are prepared for it," says Fire Fighter Vernon Jones.

Jones says a high rise ladder rescue is scary even for a well trained fire fighter.

"If you bring that ladder underneath them, toward the person, studies show they are going to jump toward that ladder," says Chief Johnson.

Like in Houston, Shreveport Fire Fighters train by keeping the ladder at a distance from the building until they are prepared to assist the person being rescued.

"Those are your two options, to bring it around and bring it down, or bring it from away and bring it to," says Johnson.

Johnsons also says once a year, the department trains in the tallest buildings in Downtown Shreveport as a part of the high rise training.

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