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Husband reflects on loss of wife in Hooks, TX mobile home fire

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Three survivors of a fatal fire say they are happy to be alive but they'll never forget the mother and wife that kept their family together for years. "My best friend and my partner for life and I lost her" Robert Springer says. Springer lost his wife on March 15th, and is speaking to KSLA News 12 for the first time about how his family is healing. He says his burns are healing, now he is just waiting for his heart to.

Fire officials say Bonnie Springer died in a mobile home fire. Now Robert Springer credits one person for their children having at least one parent. The fire happened in the 200 block of East 10th Street in Hooks, Texas. The fire happened march 15-th.

"I tore the ends of my fingers up but I wasn't caring about nothing, I was more worried about trying to get in there to her, and I dove inside the bedroom and when I did, something grabbed me by the leg and drug me back out of there" Robert says.

This week, Robert Springer is out of the hospital and is thanking a hooks police officer for saving his life. Robert was fighting to get back inside the burning home to save Bonnie. "I know I hit him several times and I kicked him and I was trying to get him to move and he wouldn't get out of my way and he saw me fighting him and he started crying, I saw him crying" Robert says.

Even after the officer carried Robert across the yard, the terrified husband ran to the flaming house again: "I could hear her coughing and I had to get to her and I wasn't worried about nothing but getting to my wife. That officer saved my life, because she wasn't even in that room, she was in the bathroom."

Now the family is trying to move forward and keep Bonnie's memory alive. The couple's children all made it out of the home safely. "If I'd have made it in there, I would have never made it out and my kids would have lost both parents" Robert says. After the fire, the family's three dogs were left guarding what little remained of the family's home. "They're our babies and we'll take care of them."

The happy dogs reminding them that Bonnie would want them to move forward and build a loving home together.  "My kids, they were over there saying  they're glad they have their dad, they love their mom and they wish they had their mom too but they didn't want to lose both of us" Robert says.

Robert says he is on part time disability and says that he does have a job to go to once he is ready. He says Hooks is his family's home and they plan on sticking around.

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