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Thieves swipe AC units, toilet from future low incoming housing


Shreveport police are searching for the person or persons responsible for breaking in and stealing $30,000 worth of equipment from the future Alston Place Homes in the 1900 block of Alston St. in Allendale.

For the past six months, Urban Housing of America Incorporated has been building a group of low income housing in the Allendale neighborhood.

Over the weekend, thieves stole six air conditioning units, a toilet and caused thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Project carpenter Ardrie Lewis says, "I saw three air conditioning units missing. All the doors in 4 units were destroyed. The inside units were gone out of three units."

Lewis says the homes were just weeks away from completion when thieves broke in. Cora Rochelle, a resident who lives right across the street from the Alston Place Homes, became frustrated when she learned about the burglary. 

Rochelle says, "They need to keep their hands off of other people's property and go to work and have your own stuff because you don't need to be stealing from nobody. It's bad when you take from people who are trying to help you in the community. It's bad."

Omar, another Allendale resident adds, "That happens everywhere as far as I know and as far as I'm concerned."

Shreveport Police say is often difficult to track down residential burglary thieves.  Omar says, "People are always a little hesitant to say something. I'm a little hesitant myself. Some people might consider you as a rat or snitch or something, you know."

The hesitance from residents, along with the lack of surveillance cameras, adds to the difficulty and leaves longtime residents like Cora in a place yearning for relief. "They don't love Allendale like we love Allendale," she says.

Meanwhile, Lewis says, "When you're trying to fix up your community, the last thing you need is somebody coming in and destroying it."

When completed, the three bedroom, two bathroom homes will rent for between $475 to $550 dollars per month. If you're interested in renting a home at Alston Place, contact Urban Housing of America in Shreveport (318) 621-9263 ext. 103.

If you have any information of these thefts you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373. You may remain anonymous.

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