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Police put the brakes on cruising during spring break

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With many students on spring break this week, Shreveport Police are cracking down on the practice of cruising.

People drive up and down the same roads clogging traffic.  Police say it is a big problem in some areas of the city.  Shreveport patrol officers warn that drivers caught cruising could find themselves facing fines and the possibility of arrest.

Cruising can lead from traffic issues and loud music to fights and gun shots.  "The reason that it's not a victimless crime, you have to look at the potential of hazards that are associated with this type of behavior.  If you have a large number of cars in a concentrated area, if something happens, you have no way to allow first responders to get in and help those people who actually need help so it certainly isn't a victimless crime," said police spokesman Marcus Hines.

Police say problems areas for cruising include Clyde Fant Parkway, near the Raceway on Hearne Avenue and in various parks across the city.

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