Stabilization Program:

The Stabilization Program is designed to address those with acute back and neck discomfort. The program is intended to provide relief of symptoms, reduce risk of injury, avoid further diagnostics and potential surgery as patients re-enter the workplace or resume their normal daily activities. 

In the Stabilization Program at SRC, patients are provided extensive training in neutral spine techniques, trunk stabilization, spine anatomy, and the patient’s pathology as it relates to job and daily activities. This program provides intensive training in the proper use of posture and body mechanics in areas of activities of daily living and work activities combined with lifestyle classes. 

This program features:

     Physical and Occupational Therapy Evaluations
      Psychological Evaluations
     Training in Posture and Body Mechanics
     Lifestyle Classes
     Training in Trunk Stabilization and ADLs
     Day Treatment Programming 

A treatment team of specialists provides an intensive, interdisciplinary treatment program for patients. The team includes:

• Psychologist
• Exercise Physiologist
• Occupational Therapists
• Physical Therapists

Candidates for this program include those who:

     are in the acute phase of injury (less than 6 months)
     have completed initial diagnostics
     wish to complete a conservative care regimen 

Upon completion of this program, the patients will have:

     demonstrated improved function
     reported decreased pain; and demonstrated an understanding of pathology and protecting the spine