Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evualuation:

 This Evaluation is an interdisciplinary evaluation designed to assist the referring physician in developing a treatment plan for complex cases. The evaluation addresses medical, psychological and physical rehabilitation aspects for each case. The evaluation is intended to provide a treatment plan that will lead to improved quality of life, increased independent functioning, containment of further medical costs, and that will help achieve the medical and work related goals established for each patient. 

This program features:

      Psychological Evaluations
     Physical Therapy Evaluations
     Medical and Medication Evaluations
      Occupational Evaluations
     Basic Education and Classes Regarding the Patient’s Status to Assist the Patient in Understanding the Rationale Behind the Plan Being Developed and to Maximize Compliance With the Final Treatment Plan 

A treatment team of specialists provides an intensive, interdisciplinary treatment program for patients. The team includes:
     Physician                            Occupational Therapists
     Psychologist                       Exercise Physiologist
     Counselors                         Case Manager
     Physical Therapists

Candidates for this program include those who:

     have findings that suggest early deconditioning
     are limited in activities of daily living
     report minimal psychological distress
     are capable of returning to work following the program 

Upon completion of this program, the patients will have:

      recommendations for treatment
     a summary of findings
     a full report of the data upon which the summary and recommendations are based
     an established rehabilitation plan with identifiable goals