Preoperative Evaluation and Education Program:

The PEP Program has been designed to address a patient’s concerns regarding spinal or upper extremity surgery. This program is in tended to evaluate patients for readiness for surgery, options to surgery, expectations for surgery and self-responsibility for the decision to have surgery and self-care following surgery. 

In the PEP Program at SRC, patients are provided with an educational basis to their surgery. Patients are evaluated for readiness for surgery. Those with psychological/psychosocial features likely to cause a surgical failure are either provided emotional support or are directed away from surgery and toward conservative care and/or psychotherapy until ready for surgery. This program also provides information regarding informed consent regarding surgery, effective post-surgery self-care instruction, and adequate psychological support to lessen barriers to successful surgery. 

This program features:

      Psychological Evaluations and Therapy
     Physical and Occupational Therapy Evaluations
      Individualized Classes
     Lifestyle Classes
     Home Exercise Programming
      Conditioning and Stabilization Exercises
     Back School Education
     Day Treatment Programming
     Smoking Cessation 

A treatment team of specialists provides an intensive, interdisciplinary treatment program for patients. The team includes:
     Physician                           Occupational Therapists
     Psychologist                      Exercise Physiologist
     Counselors                        Case Manager
     Physical Therapists

 Candidates for this program include those who:

     have completed diagnostics
     have identified pathology amenable to surgery 

Upon completion of this program, the patients will have:

     set realistic expectations for surgery
     helped reduce medical costs
     helped decrease length of inpatient stay
     helped decrease the number of post-surgery hospital visits