Occupational Restoration Program:

 The Occupational Restoration Program has been designed for the patient whom the treating physician believes requires closure, Maximum Medical Improvement, and return to work. This patient may or may not have a job to return to. 

In the Occupational Restoration Program at SRC, patients are treated through goal directed multi-disciplinary approach to return to work. Patients are assisted through the rehabilitation process with a focus on returning to work, whether to the same employment, new employment or through training alternatives. 

This program features:

      Individualized program: RETURN TO WORK EMPHASIS
      Physical/Functional Rehabilitation
     Work Simulation
     Job Analysis Services
     Job Coaching
     Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
     Group & Individual Occupational Counseling
     Bio-Feedback & Relaxation Training
     Impairment Rating Evaluation
     Training Options
     Case Management
      Psychological Testing
     Transition Counseling

 The Treatment Teams Include:

      Occupational Therapists
     Physical Therapists
     Exercise Physiologist
     Licensed Professional Counselor
     Case Manager 

Candidates for this program include those who:

     require assistance to get back to the work place
     at or near maximum medical improvement
     require a structured functional program to maximize return to work success
     require documented objective functional information
     require advance vocational occupational assistance 

Upon completion of the program the patient will have:

     returned to work
      established an I.W.R.P. (Individualized Work Readiness Program) to facilitate return to work
     reached maximum medical improvement or
     obtained objective functional information (FCE)