Terry Eberhardt Physical Therapy

Meeting the High Standards of his Profession

"Belonging to the professional organizations that I do helps me stay-to-date on all the latest therapeutic advances in Physical Therapy. The knowledge that I acquire through my association with these groups will ultimately be a great service and benefit to my patients."

Education & Accomplishments

"With a solid foundation of education and years of experience as a Physical Therapist, I feel confident that I have the knowledge and resources to deliver quality medical care to all my patients."

Involved in the Community

"Through involvement in community issues, I've been able to contribute and help the community and have some input toward affecting positive changes. I've conducted research and analysis in the field of Physical Therapy to ensure that we remain progressive and current for the benefit of all our patients."

Consultant & Physical Therapist to World Class Athletes

"I have enjoyed having the opportunity to work with and rehabilitate some of the top professional athletes in the world. These types of patients always bring excitement to our office and they have been a pleasure to work with."

A Noted Author

"In sharing my experiences with others, I hope many people have benefited and have been able to get back to what they want to do."