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Murder suspect's grandmother: "They argued everyday, I didn't know what to do."

Rodris Webster, 25 (Source: Harrison County Sheriff's Office) Rodris Webster, 25 (Source: Harrison County Sheriff's Office)

The grandmother of the man arrested Tuesday for the murder of 19-year-old Alicia Benefield is offering new insight into the lives of the troubled couple.

Dorothy Veasey says her worst fears became a reality on Tuesday night, after Benefield's body was found in Elysian Fields. Harrison County Sheriff Tom McCool says her 25-year-old boyfriend, Rodris Webster, led them to the remains.

Webster is now charged with murder, and is being held on more than $1M bond.

"I was in a state of shock and I feel that he just snapped," says Veasey.  "His love for Alicia is what caused him to do this because he told me they were breaking up."

Veasey says the two had been living in a mobile home behind her house. All too often, she says, sounds of a hostile and turbulent relationship filled the crisp country air. "It was a problem every day," Veasey says. "They argued everyday, on the side of the road, arguing every day. I got so sick of it.  I didn't know what to do."

The home the young couple shared is now empty, with only furniture, clothes and memories of a painful past that Veasey says didn't have to end this way. "I want him to acknowledge that he took a life and that he could have walked away."

Instead, she says an eruption of emotion overcame her grandson, fueled by a childhood of abuse. "He grew up in fear of being beat on. It was horrible, it was an absolute nightmare for him."

It as a similar nightmare, she says, that haunted him over the weekend while authorities searched for Alicia's body. "He was paranoid, he was peeping out of the windows and things. He laid around limp."

On Monday, Veasey visited Rodris after he was arrested on a weapons charge. Veasey urged him to assist authorities in their search. "I kissed him and told him I loved him and to do the right thing."

Now, Alicia's family is faced with the daunting task of finding closure, and Veasey is struggling to come to terms with what Webster is accused of doing. "I just don't want to believe that he is just a cold-blooded murderer. I just don't want to believe that."

What is apparent is that two lives have been lost, but only one has taken her least breath.

Veasey says Alicia and Rodris had been dating for almost a year, and she's willing to do anything she can to help Alicia's family.

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