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Mayoral candidate hopeful rides bus, talks issues


 "Once I become inaugurated as mayor that will be one of the first issues we deal with blacktopping all of the roads all over Shreveport in order to make the streets better and safer," said Mayoral candidate hopeful Melvin Slack during a news conference he called on Monday.

Surrounded by people he called convicts who appeared to be working on his yard, Slack addressed several issues – what he called struggles facing the city.

He's made headlines for wearing misleading military insignia, and for getting arrested for allegedly having marijuana and an alleged hit and run incident.

Now the embattled mayoral candidate hopeful, says he wants to tackle the serious issues he's noticed after riding the Sportran bus for the last couple of weeks. He pointed out the poor road conditions in the Martin Luther King Jr. area. He talked about the city's homeless.

 Slack also introduced his campaign manager, Sherri Ricketson. A woman he says can't get a job because she suffers from seizures.

"God showed me to give her a job as a campaign leader," said Slack.

Slack says Ricketson and his new security head, Charles Chism had been left behind at bus stops, he believes, because they were the "opposite race" of the bus driver.

Sportran Director, Gene Eddy says that's simply not true, and if anyone ever experienced such a situation they would have the opportunity to file a complaint, and that complaint would be investigated.

Slack has announced his intension to run for mayor. Qualifying for that candidacy will take place in August.


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